What is Mississauga Code Club

Mississauga Code Club (MCC) is a not for profit organization with an overall mission to empower kids, girls and youth to be producers, creators, innovators, and designers, not just consumers. To achieve this mission, MCC offers after school and weekend coding, digital media, and robotics clubs for children aged 8-16 MCC. At Mississauga Code Club, children will acquire skills they can use throughout their lives. Your child will learn a wide variety of personal, social and technical skills. This includes, critical thinking, collaboration, team building, coding, electronics and robotics.

Join MCC 2018 Sessions

Coding & Robotics for Kids 7-11

Friday, Dec 7, 2018
The coding and robotics revolution is everywhere. Robots are changing job markets. They are reshaping the worl...
Introduction to Python for Youth

Friday, Dec 7, 2018
In this course kids will Learn a pro coding language, create games, secret messages, customized projects. I...
Coding and Robotics for Youth

Friday, Dec 7, 2018
Robots are changing the job market, and employent requirements. They are reshaping the world around us. Roboti...
Coding with Java-1 for Youth 12 to 17
Saturday, Dec 8, 2018
Coding with Java-1 for Youth 12 to 17 Youth will be learning  one of the most wildly used programming langua...


I am very grateful for Mississauga Code Club. It is helping my son a lot!!! He has always had an interest in computers and coding and to some degree he managed to learn some basics on his own. However, joining together in a group at MCC had provided him with greater challenge, more discipline in learning and made it more fun.  Thank you so much! We hope you will offer intermediate level programming as well.

Laura Laura

Omar had a great experience to learn how to program and design websites. Thanks for your great effort.

Zeinab Zeinab

If anyone has (or knows of) kids in the Mississauga area who are interested in computer coding, I very highly recommend classes through Mississauga Code Club. My lovely friend Suha Jamal Maqatef is one of the teachers, and she is INCREDIBLE! Benjamin has taken classes there, and learned so much!

They offer classes of varying levels for children aged 8 – 14. For my homeschooling friends, they also offer daytime classes specifically designed for home-educated kids.

Nicole Nicole

Sessions are amazing! Kids really seem to be engaged in the activities. Support is great, prices are affordable!

Mamoun Mamoun

In these coding classes. I learned a lot of things. I learned how to make my own calculator I learned how to calculate your age in days minutes and hours, I learned about integers, decimals, string and character, and etc. the teacher was really nice to me she always helped us , I really enjoyed the coding class. Thank you.

Taleb Taleb

My 3 children attend the code club and they all love it. i wasn’t sure if my daughter would be interested but to my surprise she is loving it, and was hoping to have its classes more than once a week. Thank you code club for opening a new interest for my children.

Eman Eman

My son has learnt a lot from you, you have introduced him to computers and programming.

My son has attended several programs at MCC.

These are the programs attended and Certificates he received.

  • Website Club for Kids.
  • HTML (5) & CSS Foundation
  • JAVASCRIPT Foundation
  • Creative Coding with Processing-Java.

I thank you for being motivated, and enriching our son with computer Knowledge.

My son had and still has a wonderful time at MCC.

Nada Nada

We are so glad that my son has now this “something to do with his pc except gaming” experience. He couldn’t get same education in public school. This will be the one of big alternative for his future.

Masami Masami