Robotics for Maker Kids – Kids 8-12

Monday, Jul 3, 2017 – Monday, Aug 21, 2017

12:15pm – 1:45pm

Robotics for Maker Kids: Conceive, Construct, and Code Your Own Robot – Kids 8 – 12
Robotics for Maker Kids course will introduce kids to critical skills in design thinking, coding and making. Kids will be engaged in activities designed to teach 21st century skills through working with craft materials, Arduino, code, electronics, and of course peers, and other makers. Over time, this type of maker learning  changes  how kids perceive themselves in the surrounding world. Kids start sensing, and feeling the young designer, engineer, inventor, and artist within themselves.

In this project-based robitic course, kids will be working, collaborating, and making  projects that focuses kids’ attention on simplified robotic devices and code that together sense and respond to the surrounding environment. The educational benifits of this porject-based learning among kids is enoromous. It fosters  self-confidence,  enahances curiosity of learning, and excitment of making among participant kids.

At the end of the course, kids will be given the opportunity to build robotic toys that sense light, move body parts, and more tasks. More precisely, kids will build:
  • Random Light-up eyes using RGB LED Sensor
  • Head turning randomly using Servo motor
  • Combine the two previous project to create a head with tow eyes
  • Opening mouth using 9g servo and RJ25 adapter
  • Puppet movement with sensors
    • Light sensor
    • Ultrasonic sensor
    • Touch sensor
  • Measurement Devices by using: soil moisture sensor
Who benifits from this course?
  • Any child of who completed Robotics for Kids who is interested in using his imagination and creativity toward builing their own robotic toys.
  • This course offers a great opportunity for any child to start their journey in the world of robotics and coding
This program is 9 weeks long (22.5 hours)
Cost: $270
Time: Each Tuesday & Thursday from 12:00 pm to 1:45 pm
Start: July 3, 2018
End: Aug 21, 2018

Event Location

Mississauga Code Club, 3195 Erindale Station Rd
Mississauga, Ontario, L5N2n9

Event Fees

CAD 270.00